Sony CG-FX120K User Manual

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VAIO Notebook User Guide


To remove the second battery pack

If you attach two battery packs, you can remove either of them without shutting
down the computer. When removing one battery pack, make sure that the other
battery pack’s indicator light is on. If the indicator light of the battery pack you
are removing is on, right-click the battery icon on the task tray and click the
“Switch discharge battery” option.


There is a Release lever on the bottom of the weight saver. To remove the
battery pack, slide this lever in the direction of arrow 1, then slide the
RELEASE lever on the bottom of the computer in the direction of arrow 2.


Remove the weight saver, and then pull out the battery pack.


Reinsert the weight saver. See “Using the Weight Saver”.

Multipurpose bay release levers

Arrow 1: Weight saver Release lever

Arrow 2: RELEASE lever

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