Sony CG-FX120K User Manual

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VAIO Notebook User Guide


Moisture condensation may have occurred. Leave the notebook idle for at
least 1 hour with the notebook turned on.

My optical drive tray does not open

Make sure the notebook is turned on.

Press the Eject button on the optical drive.

If the Eject button does not work, open the tray by inserting a sharp, pointed
object in the hole to the right of the Eject button.

I cannot use digital video (DV) devices. The message “DV equipment seems to
be disconnected or turned off” appears.

Check that the DV device is turned on and that the cables are properly

If you are using multiple i.LINK


devices, the combination of the connected

devices may cause unstable operation. In this case, turn off your notebook
and all connected devices. Disconnect the devices that are not in use. Check
the connections for each device, then restart your notebook.

My PC card is not working

Make sure the PC card is compatible with Microsoft® Windows®.

Use the Sony Notebook Setup utility to disable devices you are not currently

If you are using two PC cards, use the Sony Notebook Setup utility to disable
the devices you are not currently using.

Troubleshooting software

My software program stops responding or crashes

Contact the software publisher or designated provider for technical support. See
the “Software Support Information” .

* i.LINK is a SONY trademark used to designate that a product contains an IEEE 1394 con-

nector. All products with an i.LINK connector may not communicate with each other.

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