Sony CG-FX120K User Manual

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Connecting a Power Source



Insert the battery pack into the battery bay on the left side of the computer.


Close the cover of the battery bay until it clicks.

To charge the battery pack


Connect the AC adapter to the computer.


Insert the battery pack.

The computer automatically charges the battery (the battery indicator light flashes in a
double blink pattern as the battery charges).


When the battery is 85% full, the battery indicator light turns off. For PCG-
FX120/FX120K, PCG-FX140/FX140K models, this process takes
approximately 1.5 hours. For PCG-FX150/FX150K, PCG-FX170/FX170K,
PCG-FX190/FX190K models, this process takes approximately 3.0 hours.

Inserting battery pack

If the port replicator is attached to your computer, do not attempt to insert or remove
the battery pack. Lifting and turning the computer with a port replicator attached could
cause a temporary loss of power.

To charge the battery completely, continue charging for an additional hour. See
“Displaying Battery Information”

Battery pack

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