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VAIO Notebook User Guide


Connecting an External Display

You can connect an external display to your notebook. For example, you can use
the computer with any of the following:

Computer display (monitor) (See “To connect a computer display”.)

Multimedia computer display (See “To connect a multimedia computer

Projector (See “To connect a projector”.)

To connect a computer display

Locate the Monitor connector identified by the symbol on the back of the
computer. Plug the display cable (not supplied) into this connector.

If necessary, plug one end of the display power cord into the display, and the
other end into an AC outlet.

To connect a multimedia computer display

You can connect the notebook to a multimedia computer display that includes
built-in speakers and a microphone.

Connect an external display before you turn on the computer.

Connecting an external computer display

See the manual that came with your computer display for more information on
installation and use.

Computer display

Power cord


Display cable (optional)


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