Sony CG-FX120K User Manual

Page 29

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Connecting a Power Source


To remove the battery pack


Open the battery bay cover.


Pull out the battery pack.


Close the cover of the battery bay.

Notes on the battery

To determine the remaining battery charge, see “Displaying Battery

When the battery power is running low, both the battery and power
indicators blink.

When the computer is directly connected to AC power and has a battery pack
in the battery bay, it uses power from the AC outlet.

See “Using a Second Battery Pack” for information on installing and
charging a battery pack in the multipurpose bay.

Keep the battery pack in the computer while it is directly connected to AC
power. The battery pack continues to charge while you are using the

If the battery level falls below 10%, you should either attach the AC adapter
to recharge the battery or shut down your computer and insert a fully charged

Removing the battery pack

You will lose data if you remove the battery pack while the computer is on
and not connected to the AC adapter or if you remove the battery while the
computer is in a power-saving mode

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