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Connecting a Universal Serial Bus (USB) Device


Connecting a Universal Serial Bus (USB) Device

You can connect USB devices such as an external mouse, keyboard, speaker, and
microphone to your computer.

To connect a USB device

Locate the USB device identified by the symbol. Plug one end of the USB
cable into this port and the other end into the USB device.

You can use an optional Sony USB mouse PCGA-UMS1 series (not supplied)
with this computer. Since the USB mouse software driver is preinstalled in the
computer, you simply plug the USB mouse into the USB connector to use it. One
USB connector supports one USB device.

Before you connect or disconnect a mouse, turn off the computer.

The following steps describe the procedure for connecting a USB mouse to your
computer. Use the same procedure for connecting all USB devices.

Connecting USB device to USB connector

See the manual that came with your USB device for more information on its
installation and use.


USB device


USB connecting cable

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