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VAIO Notebook User Guide


Using a Second Battery Pack

You can purchase a second rechargeable battery pack. With two battery packs,
you can extend the time that you use your computer with battery power. When
using two battery packs, the battery pack you insert first charges first. The battery
pack you insert second charges when the first battery pack is 85 percent full. You
can monitor which battery pack is charging by observing the battery indicator

To insert a second battery pack


If another device is in the multipurpose bay, remove the device.


Insert the battery pack into the multipurpose bay.

If the battery is being used, the battery 2 indicator light turns on.


Attach the weight saver to the computer to stabilize the battery pack. There
is a RELEASE lever on the bottom of the weight saver. Slide the lever
toward the front of the computer to lock the weight saver. See also “Using
the Weight Saver”.

Second battery in multipurpose bay

Battery pack

Multipurpose bay

Label side facing down

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