Movieshaker – Sony CG-FX120K User Manual

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Sound Forge® XP

Sonic Foundry

Sound Forge XP allows you to put powerful audio processing tools and effects to work on
your notebook. Simply cut, copy, and paste your way to striking multimedia files for use in
everything from Web pages to desktop presentations.


InterVideo, Inc.

WinDVD is a simple-to-use DVD player combining all the features you would expect to
find in a standard consumer DVD player, in addition to some very advanced functionality,
such as full VCD 2.0 support, full precision video decode, a choice of user interfaces, and
video display options. You can play DVD titles or Video CDs. WinDVD automatically
determines the type of disc in the DVD drive and uses the correct playback method.


This application can be used to create fun and innovative movies without any
knowledge of film editing. In a few simple steps, motion pictures can be
combined with special effects, still images (pictures), and music files and then
saved in a format most computers can play.

Importing Images and Sound Clips


Click (File Import) or (DV Import).


Find the file you want to add.


Select the file.

Main Window

Clip tray

Working Panel

Product tray

Editing trays



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