Sony CG-FX120K User Manual

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VAIO Notebook User Guide


See the manual that came with your peripheral device for more information on
installation and use.

If you insert a DVD in your DVD drive to watch a video on your TV, the Fn+F8 key
combination might not activate the function to toggle between your LCD and TV. Take
the following steps:

1. Connect the TV to the Computer.

2. Restart the computer and wait until it finishes.

2. Toggle between your LCD and your TV with the Fn+F8 key combination.

Your image is now displayed on both LCD and TV. Re-insert your DVD to launch your
DVD software.

A part of the image cannot be displayed on your TV display if the resolution of your
computer is more than 800 x 600 dots. The hidden area on your TV display can be
seen by moving the cursor on your computer. If you want to display the full image,
change the resolution of your computer to 640 x 480.

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