Sony CG-FX120K User Manual

Page 45

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Using the Optical Drive



Close the tray by pushing it gently.

Playing a DVD

To achieve optimum performance when playing DVDs, it is recommended that
your computer not be connected to the port replicator while playing DVD movies
or using DVD applications. Close any open applications before playing a DVD

Be sure to seat the disc firmly over the hub fingers. If you do not seat the disc firmly,
you could damage your optical drive and you may not be able to open the tray.

When you finish using a disc, wait until the LED indicator light turns off, then press the
Eject button to remove the disc.

When the computer is in power saving modes, you cannot remove a disc. See
“Controlling Power Management”for more information about power saving modes.

If the disc does not come out when you press the Eject button, turn off the computer
and insert a thin, pointed object into the manual eject hole.

Manual eject hole

When playing DVD movies on battery power, set the power management profile to
DVD. With other profiles, the movies are choppy. As an alternative, you can set the
power management profile to Automatic Profile Selection, which will cause the DVD
profile to be selected automatically whenever you insert a DVD. See “Controlling
Power Management”for information on how to set the power management profile.

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