Sony CG-FX120K User Manual

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VAIO Notebook User Guide


Indicator (continued)




Num Lock

The number keys in the numeric
keypad are active.

The alphanumeric character
keys in the keypad area are

Caps Lock

The letters appear in uppercase as
you type. The Shift key lowers the
case of typed letters when Caps
Lock is on.

Letters appear in lower case
as you type (unless you
hold down the Shift key).

Scroll Lock

The screen scrolls differently.
(Exactly how it scrolls depends on
the specific application. It has no
effect in many applications.)

Information moves across
the display normally.

Combinations and Functions with the Fn Key



Fn+ (ESC)

Puts the system into Standby mode, a power- management state.
To return the system to the active state, press any key or press the
power button on your computer.

Fn+ (F3)
Mute On/Off

Toggles the built-in speaker off and on.

Fn+ (F4)
Speaker volume

Adjusts the built-in speaker volume.
To increase volume, press Fn+F4, then or .
To decrease volume, press Fn+F4, then or .

Fn+ (F5)
Brightness control

Adjusts the brightness of the LCD.
To increase light intensity, press Fn+F5 and then or


To decrease light intensity, press Fn+F5 and then or .

Fn+ /

Switch to the
external monitor/

Toggles through the LCD, external display (connected to the
Monitor connector) and both LCD and external display.

Connect the cable before you turn on the computer, otherwise
Fn + F7 will not work.


Only LCD

LCD and external display

Only external display

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