Sony CG-FX120K User Manual

Page 59

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Power Saving Modes


Hibernate Mode

In the Hibernate mode, the state of the system is saved on the hard drive and
power is turned off. The power indicator light is off in this mode.

To activate Hibernate mode

To activate Hibernate mode, press the key combination Fn+F12.

To return to normal mode

To return to normal mode, turn on the computer by pressing the power button.
The computer returns to its previous state.

Time required to return to normal mode

Standby requires less time than Hibernate to return to normal mode.

Power consumption

Standby uses more power than Hibernate.

(Windows 2000) The “Save to Disk Manager” screen appears, and then the computer
enters Hibernate mode.

Do not move the notebook until its power indicator light turns off.

When returning from Hibernate mode, the system status stored on the hard disk is
erased and the computer starts normally if you press the power button and hold for
more than four seconds.

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