Sony CG-FX120K User Manual

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VAIO Notebook User Guide


Sony Notebook Setup Tabs



About This Computer

Display system information, including memory capacity, serial
number, and BIOS version.


Select printer port mode settings.

Initial Setting

Change the volume of the sounds that play while the operating
system is loading. Select the order of drives and devices from
which you want to load the operating system. You can specify
the hard drive as well as other drives inserted into your


When you connect an optional mouse to your computer, you
can make your touchpad inactive. You can also customize the
settings of your mouse using the mouse utility.

Power On Password

Set the password to secure your computer.

Enable Ports

Enable or disable ports. Disabling ports releases resources to
the system. To change the serial settings, click Advanced on
the Basic/Advanced tab.


Switch between Advanced mode (additional screens with
advanced settings) and Basic mode of display.

For more information about each option, click Help on the Sony Notebook Setup
screen to display the Help file.

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