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VAIO Notebook User Guide


Ergonomic Considerations

You will be using your notebook computer as a portable device in a variety of
environments. Whenever possible, you should attempt to apply the following
ergonomic considerations to both stationary and portable environments.

Position of your computer — Place the computer directly in front of you as
you work. Keep your forearms horizontal, with your wrists in a neutral,
comfortable position while using the keyboard, touchpad, or external mouse.
Let your upper arms hang naturally at your sides. Take breaks during
sessions with your computer. Excessive use of the computer may strain
muscles or tendons.

Furniture and posture — Sit in a chair with good back support and
armrests. Adjust the level of the chair so your feet are flat on the floor. A
footrest may make you more comfortable. Sit in a relaxed, upright posture
and avoid slouching forward or leaning far backward.

Viewing angle of the computer’s display — Use the display’s tilting
feature to find the best position. You can reduce eye strain and muscle

Ergonomic Position

Computer positioned
directly in front of you

Wrists relaxed
and flat

Arms at desk

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