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VAIO Notebook User Guide


Using Your Recovery CDs

The following sections describe how to use the Application Recovery and System
Recovery utilities.

Using the Application Recovery CD(s)

The Application Recovery CD(s) allows you to reinstall individual applications if
they become corrupted or are accidentally erased. Reinstalling an individual
software title may correct a problem you are experiencing with your computer or
software application; you may not need to reinstall the entire contents of your
hard drive. If you need to reinstall all the software titles that shipped with your
computer, use the System Recovery CD(s). See “Using the System Recovery
CD(s)” .

You can also use the Application Recovery CD to install Windows 2000 drivers
on your computer.

To use the Application Recovery CD(s)


Turn on your computer. If your computer is already on, close all


When the Windows desktop appears, insert the Sony Application Recovery
CD in the optical drive. The Application Recovery utility loads


When the Application Recovery menu appears, select the icon for the
application you want to restore and then follow the on-screen instructions to
complete the recovery process.

You must be in Windows to run the Application Recovery CD. If you have any
questions on using the Application Recovery CD, contact Sony Customer Support.

Your system may include one or two Application Recovery CDs. If you have two
Application Recovery CDs, insert the first CD to run the Application Recovery
program. You may be prompted to insert the second CD, depending on the application
you wish to restore.

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