Sony CG-FX120K User Manual

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VAIO Notebook User Guide


Power Management Commands

PowerPanel also provides power management commands that you can use to
activate specific power management functions and to control power for a specific
device. You can use these commands to override a profile setting or initiate an
immediate action.

Conserving Battery Power

When using the notebook with a battery, the LCD display and the hard drive can
be set to switch off automatically to conserve battery power.

For details, see “Power Management Profiles”.



Puts the system into Standby mode, a power management state that saves the
state of the system and peripheral devices in memory (RAM). Power
consumption reduces to a minimum, and the system remains on. To return the
system to the active state, press any key or the power button on your computer.


Provides for the lowest level of power consumption. The system writes the state
of the system and peripheral devices to the hard disk and turns off the system
power. To return the system to the original state, use the power button to turn
on power. The system saves the data in the Save to Disk Partition on the hard

LCD (Video) Standby (Windows Me™ only)

Turns off the video display to save power. If you turn off the Video Standby
timer, the display remains active except when the system enters Standby mode.
The video display system is one of the largest consumers of power in the

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