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Importing Music to the Neuros Sync Manager

1. Install Neuros Sync Manager application as explained on p.7.

2. From the file menu, choose “Search computer for music” and identify

the directories/files you would like to transfer songs from. Another option

is to open a folder using Windows Explorer and drag and drop songs

into the Tracks window. Album, Artist and Genre information will be

automatically loaded.

3. Playlists can be imported from other media players or created in the Neuros

Sync Manager. Import playlists by selecting “Import Music from Media

Player” from the File menu. Neuros Sync Manager will search your computer

and produce a dialog box where you can check the boxes for the playlists

you want to import. Click the “Import” button. Neuros will import playlists

with the following extensions: *.asx, *.wpl, *.m3u,*.b4s and *.pls.

These formats are used by the following players:

Zinf (

Winamp (

MusicMatch (

Windows Media Player (included in the Windows O/S)

This Windows-based appli-
cation enables scans of
your hard drive for stored
MP3 files and M3U files
(playlist files) from popular
media player software like
Music Match.

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