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4. To create a new playlist, click on the create new playlists icon

or right-click playlists

. When

the dialog box appears, fill in a name for the playlist and a description. Your playlist’s name will then

appear in the list of playlists. You can then add tracks to your new playlist dragging titles or choosing

“add to playlist” using a right-click.

5. Songs can be played through your default audio player by right-clicking the track and selecting “Play”.

Transferring Music to Your Neuros

1 Once your tracks are organized to your satisfaction in the Neuros Sync Manager, select the songs and

playlists you would like to transfer to your Neuros. Right-click the selection and choose the option

“Send to Neuros” from the menu, or click this icon

in the toolbar.

2. Click the Synchronization icon

or choose “Synchronization” from the Tools menu to activate

transfer. Once the “synchronization completed successfully” message from the Neuros Sync Manager

appears and the “do not disconnect” message disappears from your Neuros display, you can safely

disconnect the USB.

Detailed instructions and additional information can be found through the help screens and index in the

Neuros Synchronization Manager.

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