Neuros synchronization manager application – Neuros Audio MP3 DiGITAL AUDIO COMPUTER User Manual

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Neuros Synchronization Manager Application

The Neuros Synchronization Manager is your essential tool for automatic synchronization from your

PC to your Neuros, and from your Neuros to your PC. You must launch the application to initiate

automatic synchronization.

With the Neuros Synchronization Manager you can:

Transfer your music stored on your hard drive for playback through your Neuros.

Import songs and playlists from many popular media players, including MusicMatch, WinAmp and

Zinf, and transfer to Neuros.

Manage and organize your songs and recordings.

Edit your ID3 tags.

Create playlists to transfer to Neuros.

Copy and name mixes and recordings that were created on Neuros.

Identify title and artist of HiSi samples.

Automatically update software and firmware.

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