Neuros Audio MP3 DiGITAL AUDIO COMPUTER User Manual

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To adjust MyFi Quality:

1. From the Settings menu, select MyFi, then select Quality.

2. Select either Mono or Stereo. The default setting for MyFi is Mono.

You can change this setting to Stereo.

Note: Mono broadcasting has better resistance to interference than does Stereo.

If you are using the Neuros in congested areas where you are having trouble

with interference, use the Mono setting.

To initiate AutoScan:

1. From the Settings menu, select MyFi, then select AutoScan.

When the AutoScan feature is selected your Neuros will automatically scan the full FM dial for the

most available frequency from which you can broadcast your music. This frequency will be stored in your

Neuros and will be visible to you from the “Now Playing” screen. If you move locations or find yourself in

a crowded area and need a new frequency, you can select AutoScan again, or manually adjust the MyFi

transmission frequency (see p.15).

Note: Earphones must be plugged in (they act as the Neuros FM tuner antenna) for AutoScan to work

properly. In addition, for AutoScan to work FM reception needs to be strong (e.g. doesn’t work in a tunnel).

To learn to broadcast your music through any FM radio, see “MyFi” on p.14.

MyFi Quality

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