Myfi: broadcast neuros through any fm radio – Neuros Audio MP3 DiGITAL AUDIO COMPUTER User Manual

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MyFi: Broadcast Neuros through any FM radio

Now you can enjoy your music everywhere and anywhere. The integrated Neuros MyFi transmitter

uses all digital stereo encoding just like the broadcast towers used by professional radio stations.

Through a wireless connection, you can broadcast your music in the car, your office or a friend’s house.

No need for additional accessories or wires!

There is also no need to fumble around, trying to find a free FM frequency for your broadcast. With the

Neuros AutoScan feature, Neuros will automatically scan the FM dial and return to you the most available

frequency for your broadcast.

Using MyFi:

1. Initiate AutoScan. First plug in your earphones

since they will act as an antenna for the

Neuros tuner. Then, go to the Settings menu and

select MyFi.

2. From the MyFi menu, select AutoScan. Neuros

will scan over 70 frequencies, so this can take a

couple minutes. AutoScan is complete when the

blinking eye animation stops and the frequency

selected remains on the screen.

Left: When AutoScan is completed the recommended
frequency for broadcasting is displayed. Right: The fre-
quency for FM playback is identified in the lower right.

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