Pc library – Neuros Audio MP3 DiGITAL AUDIO COMPUTER User Manual

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PC Library

The PC Library is one of the key elements that makes Neuros an interactive computer, and not just an

MP3 player. From the Neuros main menu you can view an index of your entire PC audio collection by

selecting PC Library.

The PC Library works like a portable mirror of your PC, containing information about your songs,

playlists, and other music services. As a result, to use the PC library function effectively, you must have

all your music imported into the Neuros Synchronization Manager (see “Importing Music to the Neuros

Sync Manager”, p.8).

You can modify, organize, and schedule downloads from your PC Library audio collection all from the

convenience of your pocket-sized Neuros. All your requests are automatically executed when you next

sync with your PC. The possibilities of the PC Library are endless, so stay tuned to our website,


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