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Listening to the Neuros FM Radio

You can listen to the radio through the Neuros integrated FM radio. When you are in FM Radio mode, you

can also use the HiSi automatic song identification feature (see HiSi on p.17). You can also record what

you are listening to on the radio directly into MP3 format (see Recordings on p. 20).

To turn on/off the Neuros FM radio:

1. Select FM Radio from the Neuros main menu.

2. To turn off the FM Radio click the Back button.

Note: your earphones act as your antenna to improve radio reception.

Adjusting the radio dial:

1. Manually tune by clicking the Forward and Rewind buttons.

2. Rapidly scan frequencies by pressing and holding the Forward and Rewind buttons.

3. Seek next frequency by double-clicking the Forward and Rewind buttons.

To set a radio station as a preset:

1. Select the radio station for which you would like to assign a preset button.

2. While the station is playing, press and hold down the preset button of

your choice.

3. The preset number will appear on your screen.

FM Radio

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