Neuros, your music frequency – Neuros Audio MP3 DiGITAL AUDIO COMPUTER User Manual

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Neuros, Your Music Frequency

Congratulations, you have purchased the world’s first digital audio computer.

Your Neuros MP3 digital audio computer lets you listen, explore and enjoy music in ways not possible

before. Experience these unique features:

MyFi “My Frequency”: broadcast your digital music through any FM radio.

See p.14 for detailed information.

HiSi “Hear It! Save It!”: identify new music with a click of the orange HiSi button.

See p.17 for detailed information.

Neuros Synchronization: Neuros’ software synchronizes your Neuros with automatic

downloads from your PC Audio Library and Internet music services.

Record to MP3: create digital recordings in the MP3 file format from FM radio, built-in

microphone, or audio input.

Other important features include: large backlit display; digitally enhanced FM tuner, flexible design

with removable backpack to accommodate new technology without having to buy an entire new unit;

automatic software and firmware updates for new features and file formats.

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