Managing, playing and exploring audio – Neuros Audio MP3 DiGITAL AUDIO COMPUTER User Manual

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Managing, Playing and Exploring Audio

Play songs and recordings with a click of the Play button, create custom “mixes” on the fly, schedule

downloads from your PC library collection, and manage the tracks on your Neuros. You can even explore

audio from Internet music services.

Neuros Menu Overview

There are two audio menu options:

1. Neuros Audio: list of all the tracks loaded on your Neuros and available

for playback.

2. PC Library: list of all the tracks stored on your PC but not loaded on your

Neuros. Because the library does not contain the actual media, songs

in the PC Library cannot be played. These tracks can be scheduled for

automatic download from the convenience of your Neuros.

The menus include arrows to indicate that a sub-menu

follows the current menu. A scroll bar running down

the length of the menu indicates that more listings are

available by using the Up and Down keys to scroll.

Songs Menu

Neuros Audio

Main Neuros Menu

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