Minimum system requirements, Releasing the backpack – Neuros Audio MP3 DiGITAL AUDIO COMPUTER User Manual

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Minimum System Requirements

PC with 1 available USB port

Pentium 233 MHz

64 RAM

160MB available hard disk space

Microsoft® Windows 98SE, Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP

View detailed technical specifications at

Releasing the Backpack

The two-part design of the Neuros, main unit (silver) and backpack (black), allows for easy upgrades and

new technology adoption by developing new backpacks. Currently, the Neuros 128MB backpack can be

swapped for the 20GB Hard Drive backpack for an instant upgrade from a Flash player to a hard drive.

To release the main unit (silver) from the backpack (black), press and hold the backpack release lever

(to the left of the power connector) with a finger from one hand. With the other hand, press down

from the top of the main unit to remove the main unit.

To re-insert the main unit, press it into the backpack leaving about 1/4'' of space from the top of the

backpack. Once the main unit is level with the sides of the backpack (and the bottom of the device is

also pressed against the backpack), slide it upwards until it clicks into place.

Check your Neuros from the bottom to make sure that there is no space between the Neuros main

unit and the backpack.

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