Neuros Audio MP3 DiGITAL AUDIO COMPUTER User Manual

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HiSi or Hear it! Save it!: Discover New Music on the Radio

Identify new music with a unique automatic song recognition system called HiSi

or Hear it!

Save it!. With a click of the orange HiSi button on your player, Neuros initiates a “digital fingerprint”

of a song you hear on the Neuros radio. When you synchronize with your PC, the Neuros Sync Manager

connects to the Internet and returns the title and artist of the song to your device. To use the HiSi

service you must complete user registration on your Neuros Sync Manager. There is no charge for the

HiSi service.

Using HiSi

Note: You must have the Neuros radio tuned to the station playing the song you wish to identify.

You also must have the earphones plugged in to act as the FM tuner antenna.

When you hear a song you would like to identify:

1. Click the orange HiSi button once.

2. The HiSi recording screen will countdown the 30

second song clip length needed for the digital fingerprint.

3. When HiSi is complete you will automatically

be returned to the FM menu.

HiSi Recording

HiSi Finished

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