Neuros Audio MP3 DiGITAL AUDIO COMPUTER User Manual

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Schedule downloads from your PC automatically:

Use Get File from the Xi menu to automate downloads of your entire audio collection when you are

away from your PC.

1. Select PC Library from the Neuros main menu.

2. Select the song or playlist you would like to “get” from your PC.

3. From the Xi pop-up menu, select Get File. Your selection will be confirmed.

4. Click Back to return to the previous menu to select additional songs for

download next time you sync.

5. Synchronize. Make sure your USB is connected to your Neuros and to your PC.

With your Neuros Sync Manager open, click the synchronization

button and

have all your requests downloaded automatically from your PC to your Neuros.

Tracks in the library can also be added to the My Mix playlist (explained on p.13) by selecting “Add to

My Mix” from the Xi menu. Because no media is contained in the index, that track cannot be played until

you synchronize.

PC Library Song Xi Menu

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