Settings – Neuros Audio MP3 DiGITAL AUDIO COMPUTER User Manual

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From the main menu, select Settings to view menu options.

Scroll down to view all the options available. Selecting any item from

this menu will open a new window that will allow you to activate or

modify the feature’s settings.

To adjust Auto-Off (automatic power off when Neuros is idle)

1. From the Settings menu, select Auto-Off

2. Select from Off, after 5 minutes, after 10 minutes, after 15 minutes, after 30 minutes, after 60 minutes.

MyFi settings–Mode, Quality and AutoScan:

To change MyFi Mode:

1. From the Settings menu, select MyFi then select Mode.

2. Select either Off or Auto Detect.

Default setting is Auto Detect. In this mode, your Neuros will turn off MyFi

when earphones are plugged in and will turn on when no earphones are

plugged in. Selecting Play will start MyFi for broadcast through an FM radio.

Note: To switch from MyFi to earphones, click Back to stop playback and plug
in earphones. Then click Play again.

Settings Menu

MyFi Mode

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