Neuros Audio MP3 DiGITAL AUDIO COMPUTER User Manual

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To adjust Backlight:

1. From the Settings menu, select Backlight.

2. Select Off to have the orange backlight always off, or select off after 10 seconds or off after

30 seconds.

To adjust Contrast:

1. From the Settings menu, select Contrast.

2. Use the Up and Down buttons to adjust the contrast of the display.

To view Sync Log:

The Sync log displays the status of information to be synchronized with your PC.

From the Settings menu, select Sync Log.

Pending: the number of tracks/files to be transferred to the PC at the next Sync.

Completed: the number of tracks/files successfully transferred from the Neuros to the PC and

from the PC to the Neuros.

Failed: the number of tracks/files that were not successfully transferred at the last Sync between

the PC and the Neuros.

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