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Quick Start Instructions

1. Charge the battery. Connect the wall power adapter to the power connector on the bottom of your

Neuros and begin charging battery. For best performance, charge battery for 8 hours at first use to give

it a full charge. You can use the Neuros while it is charging.

2. Power On. Press-and-hold the Play button to power on/off Neuros.

3. Install Neuros Synchronization (Sync) Manager application. Use the included CD-ROM to install the

Neuros Synchronization Manager application on your PC and set up user preferences.

4. Connect your Neuros. Your Neuros must be connected to complete the PC application installation and

to begin transferring music. Connect the supplied USB cable to your Neuros and to the USB port on

your computer to begin synchronization.

5. Import music. With the Neuros Sync Manager application open, from the File menu use the

“Search Computer for Music” function to import your music files into the Neuros Sync Manager.

6. Synchronize. Select the tracks you would like to transfer to the device and click the “Add to Neuros”


and then click the synchronization icon

on the Neuros Sync Manager. While synchroniza-

tion is in process your Neuros is not operational. Once the “synchronization completed successfully”

message from the Neuros Sync manager and the “do not disconnect” message disappears from the

Neuros display, you may safely disconnect from the USB.

7. Enjoy your music anywhere! Plug in earphones to listen to your Neuros privately or broadcast your

music through any FM radio. See p.14 for detailed information and instructions for Neuros MyFi.

8. Explore, expand and enhance the functionality of your Neuros. Go to www.NeurosAudio.com for the

latest enhancements and upgrades.

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