Neuros Audio MP3 DiGITAL AUDIO COMPUTER User Manual

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3. Unplug your earphones.

4. Tune the radio that you would like to use for your broadcast to the frequency that Neuros AutoScan

has returned to you.

5. Return to the Neuros Audio menu and select the music for your broadcast.

6. Click Play. MyFi playback will begin.

7. Control the volume using your FM radio as you normally would. The volume control buttons on the

Neuros are not operational while MyFi is being used.

Note: You can AutoScan at any time. The identified frequency will be stored on your Neuros and is

visible to you from the “Now Playing” screen when you click Play.

To manually adjust the MyFi transmission frequency:

1. During playback click the Up and Down buttons to set a new frequency.

2. Then change the radio that you are broadcasting through to the same frequency.

The Neuros factory default setting for MyFi is AutoDetect. This means that when Neuros detects

earphones, MyFi will not be available. Unplug your earphones when you want to use MyFi

to broadcast through any FM radio.

Through MyFi on the Settings Menu, you can change the setting to have MyFi always off. You can

also choose the MyFi Quality – mono or stereo.

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