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Navigating Neuros

Easy to use menus and thumb-controlled main navigation button allows for

one-finger navigation of the Neuros digital audio computer.

• Click Up and Down to scroll within a menu.

• Click Select to move to a new menu.

• Click Back to return to a previous menu.

Neuros also uses a pop-up menu called Xi

(Extra Information Menu) to give

you shortcuts to player functions. When you see the Xi icon, click the Select button

and the pop-up menu will appear. Click Up and Down to scroll through these

menus in the same way as all the others. Click Select for your menu choice.

Some Xi menu options include:

Play – playback of song or playlist.

Info – more information about a song (title, artist, album).

Add to My Mix – adds the song to the playlist you create on Neuros.

Shuffle – plays songs in a random order.

Repeat – plays the song or selected songs repeatedly.

Remove – remove songs from playlists. Does not remove the song

from your Neuros or PC, just the playlist.

Delete – delete songs from your Neuros or from your PC’s hard drive.


Song Xi Menu

Navigation Button

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