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Support Information

For technical, order, or sales support visit, or call us toll-free at

1-866-5-Neuros or contact us via email at [email protected].

For help, like learning how to find and download music, convert your CDs into MP3 format, and

answers to other common questions, see Neuros Sync Manager onscreen help and our website

For additional information on how to develop custom Xi scripts, see

For Neuros forums see

Important Safety Information


Risk of electrical shock–do not disassemble. No user serviceable parts are inside Neuros.

Do not disassemble or modify your Neuros. Refer servicing to qualified professional.

Do not remove rechargeable battery from the unit.

To reduce the risk of shock or injury do not use or operate your Neuros near water.

Do not use in places exposed to strong magnetic or electrostatic fields.

Never plug the charger/AC adapter into the earphone port.

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