Identifying hisi clips – Neuros Audio MP3 DiGITAL AUDIO COMPUTER User Manual

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When you hear a song on an external radio (e.g. car radio) you would like HiSi to identify:

1. Make sure earphones are plugged into your Neuros.

2. Press and hold the orange HiSi button. This puts you directly in FM Radio mode. This action will

also power on the Neuros.

3. Tune to desired station.

4. Click HiSi button to start recording the 30 second song clip needed for the digital fingerprint.

Neuros will save these samples as files with radio station, date, and time as the file name. These files

will be stored in the “To be identified” menu file accessible from the HiSi menu (go to Neuros Main

Menu). When you synchronize with your PC, these files will be transferred to the Neuros Sync Manager

for identification.

Identifying HiSi Clips

To identify your HiSi clips, you must be connected to the Internet. The HiSi clip initiates a digital

fingerprint which is matched against a web-based database for identification.

1. Connect the USB cable to your Neuros and to your PC.

2. Open the Neuros Sync Manager.

3. Click the Synchronization

button on the tool bar.

4. The song title and artist will be identified in the Messages box at the bottom of the

Neuros Sync Manager.

5. Click the Synchronization

button again to transfer this information to your Neuros.

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