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Making various printing

Making easy printing

The Easy Printing menu allows you to
print multiple images stored on a memory
card or an external device at one time.
The printer provides the following three
easy printing methods:

Index printing

You can print a list (index) of all the
images contained in a memory card or
an external device, which allows you to
check the contents of the selected media
The number of split panes on a sheet
will be calculated automatically. Images
are printed with their corresponding
image numbers (folder number-file

Image numbers

Date (If Date Print
is on.)

DPOF preset image printing

The images which are DPOF (Digital
Print Order Format) preset for printing
are displayed with the print mark (


in an image preview. You can print
those images at one time. The images
are printed with the preset number of
copies in the order they were displayed.

All images printing

You can print all the images stored in a
memory card or an external device at
one time.


• For how to preset images for printing, see the

manual of your digital camera.

• Some types of digital cameras do not support

the DPOF function, or the printer may not
support some of the functions of the digital

Buttons to be used in easy printing






Press MENU on the printer.

The menu bar is displayed.

Easy Printing icon Menu bar

To exit the menu mode
Press MENU again. The previous
window is displayed.


Press g/G to select


Printing) and then press ENTER.

The Easy Printing menu is displayed.

Easy Printing menu


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