Printed results – Sony DPP-FP70 User Manual

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background image




The printed
pictures are
inferior in

Printed results


• Did you print preview

image data?

• Did you print an image

whose size (width or
height) is smaller than
480 dots?

Is the image displayed as

• Did you use the Edit

menu to enlarge the

• Did you allow dust or

finger prints to get on the
printed surface?

• Did you use used print

paper or ink ribbon?


c Depending on the type of digital

camera used, preview images may be
displayed along with the primary
images in the thumbnail list. The
printed quality of the preview images
will not be as good as the primary
images. Note that if you delete the
preview images, the data for the
primary images may be damaged.

c When the image is displayed as shown

on the left, it is a small image. The
printing quality is rough due to this
small image size.

c Change the image size setting of the

digital camera you are using.

c An enlarged image, depending on its

image size, will be printed with
deteriorated picture quality.

c Do not touch the printing surface (the

shiny-side with no imprint).
Fingerprints on the printing surface
may result in imperfect printing.

c Do not print on used print paper. Or,

do not use the used ink ribbon to print
an image. Printing an image twice on
the same paper will not make the
printed image thicker.

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