Printing – Sony DPP-FP70 User Manual

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Paper does not

The print paper
partially during
printing in



• Is the print paper properly

set in the paper tray?

• Does the ink ribbon or

print paper run out?

• Are you using print paper

that was not designed for
the printer?

• Is the print paper


• Is it in the middle of the

printing process?


c If print paper is not properly loaded,

the printer may develop trouble.

.Read This First)

Check the following:

• Insert the correct set of print paper

and ink ribbon.

• Load the print paper in the correct

direction in the tray.

• You can insert the maximum 20

sheets of print paper into the tray. If
the sheets exceeds 20, remove the
extra sheets.

• Riffle the print paper thoroughly

and insert them into the tray.

• Do not bend or fold the print paper

before printing, which may cause
malfunction with the printer.

c If an error message is displayed on the

screen, check the error message.

c Use print paper designed for the

printer. If you use incompatible print
paper, the printer may develop
trouble. (

.Read This First)

c When the printer cannot feed the print

paper, an error message is displayed.
Check paper jam. (

.page 68)

c The print paper may emerge a few

times during printing. Do not touch
nor pull the emerged paper. Wait for
the print paper to be fully ejected after
printing ends. As the print paper
emerges from the rear a few times
during printing, make sure to spare
enough space behind the printer
during printing. (10 cm or more)


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