Sony DPP-FP70 User Manual

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Printing from a PC

Printing from a commercially-
available application software

You can use a commercially-available
application software to print an image
from the DPP-FP70/FP90. Select “DPP-
FP70” or “DPP-FP90” as “Printer” in the
print dialog box, and select the print paper
size in the page setup dialog box. For
details in print settings, see steps 6 and 7
on pages 45 and 46.

On “Borderless Print” setting in the
“Printer Features”

When using an application other than the
Picture Motion Browser, an image might
be printed with borders even if you select
“ON” for the “Borderless Print” in the
“Printer Features” of the “Sony DPP-
FP70/FP90 Advanced Options” dialog
When you select the borderless print
option, the printing range information for
borderless print will be supplied to the
application. Some applications, however,
may arrange and print the image with
borders within the specified range.
If this occurs, do the following to print an
image without borders:

• When you can set print range with an

application, set an image to be printed
fully in the print range. For example,
select “Full page photo print” or a
similar option.

Orientation setting

Depending on the application software
you use, orientation may not change even
if you change portrait or landscape setting.

With border/borderless setting of the
printer driver

When the application software you use
has border/borderless setting, we suggest
you select “ON” for the “Borderless Print”
in the “Printer Features” of the “Sony
DPP-FP70/FP90 Advanced Options”
dialog box as the printer driver setting.

Print quantity setting

Depending on the application software
you use, the print quantity setting of the
application you use may have priority
over the setting specified in the printer
driver dialog box.

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