Installing the printer driver, Printer driver – Sony DPP-FP70 User Manual

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• If a hub is used to connect the printer and

your PC, or if two or more USB devices
including other printers are connected to your
PC, a trouble may occur. If this occurs,
simplify the connections between your PC
and the printer.

• You cannot operate the printer from another

USB device being used simultaneously.

• Do not remove the USB cable from or connect

it to the printer during data communication
or printing. The printer may not work

• Do not allow the PC connected to the printer

to switch to standby mode or hibernation
mode during printing. If you do so, the
printer may not print properly.

• We cannot guarantee operations with all PCs,

even though they may meet or exceed the
system requirements.

• Picture Motion Browser supports the DirectX

technology and the DirectX installation may
be required.
DirectX is available in the CD-ROM.

• If the Picture Motion Browser is installed on a

PC on which the Cyber-shot Viewer is
already installed, the Cyber-shot Viewer will
be overwritten and replaced by the Picture
Motion Browser. The browsing folders once
registered in the Cyber-shot Viewer will be
automatically registered in the Picture Motion
Browser. When using the Picture Motion
Browser, you can view the folders easier than
you can when using the Cyber-shot Viewer,
as the registered folders are displayed by
group when viewing folders. With its
improved red-eye reduction adjustment and
newly-added tone curve adjustment, the
Picture Motion Browser also offers more
powerful editorial features. You can also use
the software to write data into an external
memory card for taking it outside.

Installing the printer driver

Follow the procedures below to install the


• Before installing the driver, do not connect

the printer to the PC .

• When using the Windows Vista/XP/2000, log

on to Windows as a “Computer
administrator” user account.

• Be sure to close all running programs before

installing the software.

• The dialog boxes in this section are those in

Windows XP, unless otherwise specified. The
installation procedures and the dialog boxes
shown differ depending on the operating


Turn on your PC, start Windows,
and insert the supplied CD-ROM
into the CD-ROM drive of your PC.

The installation window is displayed.


In case the installation window is not
automatically displayed, double-click the
“Setup.exe” of the CD-ROM.


Click “Installing Printer Driver”.


Click “Next”.

The license agreement dialog box is


Read the agreement thoroughly,
and if you agree, check “I accept
this agreement” and click “Next”.

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