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Click “Start”.

The main window of the Picture
Motion Browser is displayed.

To switch the display of the main
There are 2 different versions of photo
view used in the main window as
To switch the view, click the tab
“Folders” or “Calendar.”

• “Folders” view

The images will be classified in each
registered folder and are displayed
as thumbnails.

• “Calendar” view

The images will be classified
according to the shot date and are
displayed as thumbnails on each
date of the calendar. In “Calendar”
view, you can switch the display
according to the year, month, or

In this section, “Folders” view
windows are used as examples.

Printing photos from
the Picture Motion

You can use the Picture Motion Browser to
print an image from your PC using P size
print paper.


Start the Picture Motion Browser
window using either of the
following methods:

• Double-click

(Picture Motion

Browser) on the Windows desktop.

• Click “Start” - “All Programs” (or

“Programs” with Windows 2000) -
“Sony Picture Utility” - “Picture
Motion Browser.”
The “Information Tool” window is

When the Picture Motion Browser is
started for the first time
The dialog box to register a viewed
folder is displayed. If images have
already been saved in the “My
Pictures” folder, click “Register
If you have saved images in a folder
other than the “My Pictures” folder,
click “Register Later.” Refer to ”To
register a browsing folder” (page 48).

How to access the “My Pictures”

• In Windows 2000:

Click “My Documents” - “My
Pictures” on the desktop.

• In Windows Vista/XP:

Click “Start” - “My Pictures” from
the taskbar.

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