On restrictions on duplication, On color print packs, Notes on use – Sony DPP-FP70 User Manual

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On restrictions on duplication

If duplicating documents with the printer,
pay special attention to the following:
• Duplication of banknotes, coins, or

securities is against the law.

• Duplication of blank certificates,

licenses, passports, private securities, or
unused postal stamps is also against the

• TV program, films, video tapes, others’

portraits or other materials may be
copyrighted. Unauthorized video
printing of such materials may infringe
the provisions of the copyright law.

On color print packs

Notes on use

On Ink ribbon

• Do not touch the ink ribbon or place the

ink ribbon in a dusty location.
Fingerprints or dust on the ink ribbon
may result in imperfect printing.

• Do not rewind the ink ribbon and use

the rewound ink ribbon for printing.
Otherwise, proper printing result will
not be obtained, or even a malfunction
may occur.
If the ink ribbon does not click into
place, remove it and then re-insert it.
Only when the ink ribbon is too slack to
be loaded, wind the spool of the ink
ribbon in the direction of the arrow to
remove the slack.

• Never disassemble the ink ribbon.
• Do not pull out the ribbon from the ink


• Do not remove the ink ribbon while


On print paper

• The side without the imprinting is the

printing surface. Inferior print quality
may result if the printing surface is
contaminated with dust or fingerprints.
Be careful to avoid touching the printing

• Do not bend the paper or tear it off at the

perforations before printing.

• To avoid paper jam or malfunctions of

the printer, make sure the following
before printing:
– Do not write or type on the print

paper. Use the oil ink pen to write on
the paper after printing. You cannot
type on the print paper using an ink-
jet printer, etc.

– Do not attach sticker or stamps on the

print paper.

– Do not fold or bend the print paper.
– Total number of print paper does not

exceed 20 sheets.

– Do not print on the used print paper.

Printing an image twice on the same
paper will not make the printed image

– Use the print paper for this printer


– Do not use the print paper ejected

without printed.

• Do not print on used sheets of print

paper or attempt to rewind the ribbon
inside the ink ribbon. Doing so could
result in damages to the printer.

• Do not remove the paper tray while



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