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Printing from a PC


Printing from a PC

You can print the images from a PC by
installing the supplied software on your
PC and connecting it to the printer.
This section explains how to install the
supplied software on your PC and how to
use the supplied Picture Motion Browser
software to print an image.
Please also refer to the operating
instructions supplied with your PC for
operating the PC.
Installation of the software is necessary
only when you connect the printer to your
PC for the first time.

On the supplied CD-ROM

The supplied CD-ROM contains the
following software:
• Printer driver for DPP-FP70/FP90: The

software describes the printer’s
requirements and enables printing from
the PC.

• Picture Motion Browser: Sony’s

original software application that allows
you to handle photographs and moving
images—capturing, managing,
processing, and printing.

Installing the software

System requirements

To use the supplied printer driver and
Picture Motion Browser, your PC must
meet the following system requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows Vista (



Windows XP Professional (



Windows XP Home Edition/
Windows 2000 Professional (Service
Pack 3 or later), pre-installed

(*1 )Excluding Starter. In addition, the

Picture Motion Browser does not
support the 64-bit version.

(*2 )The 64-bit version is not supported.


95, Windows

98 Gold

Edition, Windows 98 Second Edition,
Windows NT, Windows Millennium
Edition, other versions (ex. SP2 or
former, or Server) of Windows 2000
are not supported.)

CPU: Pentium III 500MHz or faster

(Pentium III 800MHz or faster is

RAM: 128 MB or more (256 MB or more is


Hard disk space: 200 MB or more

(Depending on the Windows version
you use, more space will be required.
To handle image data, you will need
additional hard disk space.)


Screen resolution:

800 x 600 pixels or more


High Color (16-bit) or more

Required software: DirectX 9.0c or higher

(Required for the Picture Motion

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