Pcautions – Sony DPP-FP70 User Manual

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Printing from a PictBridge camera or external device

For printing procedures, refer to the
manual of the Bluetooth device you

To select the printer from a Bluetooth-
compliant device, select “Sony DPP-
FP70 ##”/“Sony DPP-FP90 ##”.
(“##” stands for the two figures from
the right of the address displayed in
the LCD screen.):

When input of Pass code* is required

Input “0000”. You cannot change the pass
cord with the printer.

* Pass code is often referred to as “pass

key” or “PIN code”.


• The communication distance of the product

may vary depending on the obstacles between
the product (a human body, metal object, or
wall) and mobile phone or other device.

• Sensitivity of the Bluetooth communication

may be affected in the following conditions:
- When there is an obstacle between the

product and the mobile phone or other
product such as a human body, metal object,
or a wall.

- Were a wireless LAN is established or a

microwave oven is being used near-by, or
other electromagnetic wave is emitted.

• Since a Bluetooth device and a wireless LAN

(IEEE802.11b/g) device use the same frequency
ranges, wave interferences may occur when the
product is used near a device equipped with a
wireless LAN. This may cause deterioration in
the communication speed and connection
conditions. If this occurs, take the following

- Keep a distance of at the nearest 10 m from a

wireless LAN device when you connect the
product to the mobile phone.

– Turn off the wireless LAN device in case you

should use the product within 10 m from the
wireless LAN device.

• It is not guaranteed that this product works

with all devices enabled with Bluetooth
wireless technology.

• Do not use the DPPA-BT1 outsides the area you

purchased it. Depending on the areas, the use
of this product may infringe the wave
regulations and may be subject to its penalty.

• Sony cannot assume any responsibilities for any

information leakage that may be caused in
Bluetooth communications.

• Sony cannot accept responsibilities for any

failure to satisfy the protection requirements
resulting from a non-recommended
modification or use of the product.

• For customer support information, please refer

to the operating instructions of your printer.



• Radio waves from a Bluetooth device may

adversely affect the operations of electrical
and medical devices, and could lead to
accidents due to malfunctions. Make sure to
turn off the product and mobile phone and do
not use this product in the following places:

- Inside the medical facilities, trains,

airplanes, gas stations or other places
that may emit flammable gas.

- near automatic doors or fire alarms or

other automatically controlled devices.

• Keep this product at least 22 cm away from

cardiac pacemakers. Radio waves from this
product may adversely affect the operation of
cardiac pacemakers.

• Do not disassemble or modify this product.

Doing so could result in injury, electric shock,
or fire.

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