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Write-protect switch

*3 The printer supports FAT32. The printer has

been demonstrated as operable with a
“Memory Stick” with a capacity of 8GB or
smaller manufactured by Sony Corporation.
However, we do not guarantee the operations
of all the “Memory Stick” media.

*4 “M2” is an abbreviation for “Memory Stick

Micro”. In this section, “M2” is used to
describe “Memory Stick Micro”.

For the latest information on available
medium or others, access the following
home page:

Select the area where you use your printer,
and then select “Digital Printer” from each
area page.

Notes on use

• For the latest information on the “Memory

Stick” that the printer supports, see the
“Memory Stick” compatibilities information
on the Sony web site.

• Do not insert multiple “Memory Stick” at the

same time, which may cause trouble with the

• When using a “Memory Stick”, make sure to

check correct insertion direction. Wrong usage
may cause trouble with the printer.

• When using the “Memory Stick Micro” with

the printer, always insert it into an M2

• If you insert the “Memory Stick Micro” into

the printer without an M2 adaptor, you may
be unable to remove the “Memory Stick

• If you insert the “Memory Stick Micro” into

an M2 adaptor, and insert the M2 adaptor into
the Memory Stick Duo adaptor, the printer
may not operate properly.

• Do not place the “Memory Stick Duo”, an

“Memory Stick Duo”-sized M2 adaptor, or M2
media within the reach of a small child to
prevent him from swallowing it by accident.

• Avoid removing the “Memory Stick” from the

printer while the printer is reading or writing

• Data may be damaged in such occasions:

– “Memory Stick” is removed or the printer

is turned off during a read or write

– “Memory Stick” is used in a location

subject to static electricity or electrical

• We recommend that you save backup of the

important data.

• The data processed with the computer may

not be played with the printer.

• When you format a “Memory Stick”, use the

format function of the printer or your digital
camera. If you format a “Memory Stick” with
your computer, images may not be displayed

• When you format a “Memory Stick”, all the

data including the protected image files will
be erased. To avoid erasing important data by
accident, make sure to check the content
before formatting.

• You cannot record, edit or delete data if you

slide the write-protect switch to LOCK.

• When you use a “Memory Stick Duo” without

the write-protect switch, be careful not to edit
or delete the data by accident.

• When you slide the write-protect switch of the

“Memory Stick Duo”, use a thin-pointed

• Do not attach any other material than the

supplied label on the labeling position. When
you attach the supplied label, be sure to attach
it to the labeling position. Be careful that the
label does not stick out.

• When you write on the memo area of the

attached label, do not write forcefully.

• When you carry or store the “Memory Stick”,

put it in the case designed for the “Memory


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