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Printing from a PictBridge camera or external device

Printing from a PictBridge camera or external device

Printing from the
PictBridge digital

You can connect a PictBridge-compliant
digital camera and print an image directly
from your digital camera.
When printing from a PictBridge/EXT
INTERFACE connector, make sure to
remove memory card(s) from the printer
in advance.


Set your digital camera ready for
printing with a PictBridge-
compliant printer.

The settings and operations that are
necessary before connection differ
depending on the digital camera. For
details, see the operating instructions
of the digital camera you use. (In case
of Sony Cyber-shot digital camera, for
example, select “PictBridge” mode for
the “USB Connect”.)


Connect the printer to the AC
power source (. Read This


Press 1 (on/standby) switch to
turn on the printer.

The 1 (on/standby) indicator of the
printer lights in yellow green.


Connect a PictBridge-compliant
digital camera to the PictBridge/EXT
INTERFACE connector of the printer.

When you connect a PictBridge-
compliant digital camera to the
printer, “Connecting” is displayed on
the LCD display of the printer.


Operate the digital camera to
print an image.

The printer supports the following

• Single-image print
• All images print
• Index print
• DPOF print
• Border/Borderless print
• Date print
For notes during printing, please read
“Read This First”.

Camera or other
external device

To PictBridge/EXT
INTERFACE connector

To USB connector


• If you replace an ink ribbon while the printer

is connected to a PictBridge-compliant digital
camera, an image may not be printed
properly. If this occurs, disconnect and then
connect the digital camera.

• When printing from a PictBridge-compliant

digital camera, an image will be printed
according to the settings of the Print setup
menu of the printer. When you set the date
print or border/borderless options with your
digital camera, the digital camera settings will
have priority. If you select “Borderless” with
the printer and “Border” with your camera,
the “Pattern1” will be used for printing.

• For error messages displayed on your digital

camera, refer to the operating instructions of
your digital camera.

• You cannot use a USB hub or a digital camera

containing USB hub.

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