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Page 17: Saving an image, Printing an edited image saving an edited image

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Making various printing

Printing an edited image


Press PRINT.

The dialog box to specify the print
quantity is displayed.


Press f/F to increase or decrease
the print quantity.

• To increase the print quantity one

by one, press f repeatedly.

• To reduce the print quantity one by

one, press F briefly repeatedly.

• To reset the print quantity to 1,

press F for more than two seconds.


Press PRINT to start printing.

The image previewed is printed.

Saving an edited image

When you select

(Save) in the Edit or

Creative Print menu, the dialog box to
select the destination to save the image is
displayed. You can save the image under a
new image number.


The selected image will not be overwritten.


Select the destination to save an

Press f/F to select “Memory Stick”,
“SD Card”, “CompactFlash“, or
“External Device“, and press ENTER.


When you select “External Device”, a
dialog box for selecting a drive may be
displayed. Follow the instructions on the
screen to select the destination drive.

The dialog box for setting date is
displayed. You can save the set date
with the image.


Set date.

Press f/F to select the number and
press g/G to select the day, month or
year. Then press ENTER.

The edited image by the Edit or
Creative Print menu is saved as a new
image. The dialog box to notify the
new image number (folder number-
file number) is displayed.


Press ENTER.


While saving the image, do not turn off the
printer or remove a memory card or an external
device from the printer. The printer, memory
card, USB card, or external device may be
damaged or the data may be lost.

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