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the surface on which it is set up.

• The appliance must only be disconnected from the mains

supply by pulling out the plug-in power supply unit.

• The socket for the the plug-in power supply unit must be

easely accessible.

• The appliance starts up again atomatically following a cut in

the power supply.

• Abrasion of the dispersion equipment or the rotating acces-

sories can get into the medium you are working on.

• Whem using the PTFE-coated magnetic bars, the following

has to be noted:

Chemical reactions of PTFE occur in con-

tact with molten or dissolved alkaline and alkaline-earth
metals, as well as with fineparticeld powders of metals of
the 2. and 3. group of the periodical system at temperatures
above 300-400 °C. Only elementary fluorine, chlorine trifluo-
ride and alkaline metals do attack PTFE, halogen hydrocar-
bons have a reversible swelling effect.

(Source: Römpps Chemie-Lexikon and „Ullmann“ Bd.19)

To the protetion of the equipment

Caution: Equipment may not be poured over with
aggressive media! Equipment never under water set!

• The voltage stated on the nameplate must correspond to

the mains voltage.

• Do not cover the device, even partially e.g. with metallic

plates or film. This results in overheating.

• Protect the appliance and accessories from bumps and


• Ensure that the base plate is kept clean.

Operator’s control

base plate (glass)

rotating knob


speed display

• Unpacking

- Please unpack the device carefully
- Inthe case of any damage a fact report must be set

immediately (post, rail or forwarder)

• Delivery scope

- Magnetic stirrer
- Plug-in power supply
- Operating instruction

• Use

- for mixing liquids

• Range of use

- Laboratories - Schools
- Pharmacies


Correct use



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