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Page 16: Pre-planting setup

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Table of Contents





Table of Contents


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Preparation and Setup

This section helps you prepare your tractor and
YP425A3P, YP625A3P & YP825A3P Planter for use, and
covers tasks that need to be done seasonally, or when
the tractor/planter configuration changes.

Before using the planter in the field, you must hitch it to a
suitable tractor, inspect systems and level the planter.
Before using the planter for the first time, and periodically
thereafter, certain adjustments and calibrations are

Initial Setup

See “Appendix B - Pre-Delivery” on page 110 for
pre-delivery items (normally completed by dealer), and
first-time/infrequent setup tasks, including:

• Install seed monitor console in tractor (page 112).

• Set marker extension (Option, page 114).

• Install any Options not factory- or dealer-installed.

Post-Delivery/Seasonal Setup

On initial delivery, use with a new tractor, and seasonally,
check and as necessary, complete these items before
continuing to the routine setup items:

• Bleed hydraulic system (page 80).

Pre-Planting Setup

Complete this checklist before routine setup:

Read and understand “Important Safety
” on page 1.

Check that all working parts are moving freely, bolts
are tight, and cotter pins are spread.

Check that all grease fittings are in place and
lubricated. See “Lubrication” on page 85.

Check that all safety decals and reflectors are
correctly located and legible. Replace if damaged.
See “Safety Decals” on page 6.

Inflate tires to pressure recommended and tighten
wheel bolts as specified. See “Torque Values
” on page 102.

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