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Table of Contents



Monitor Operation

Refer to Figure 19

The standard DICKEY-john


PM300 system monitors

the following elements of a YP4-6-825A3P planter:

• Seeds at each row unit seed tube:

Medium and larger seeds are individually counted with
high accuracy. Small seed sensing may be limited to
seed stoppage (“blockage”) detection.

• Ground speed:

The standard magnetic pickup


at the ground drive

allows the monitor to calculate and report population.

Once setup for the planter and your display preferences,
and configured for the current crop rates/limits, the
monitor is typically used in the “OPERATE” mode. Refer
to the DICKEY-john


PM300/PM332/PM400 Operator’s

Manual for monitor operation details.

Both the DICKEY-john


manual and this manual contain

trouble-shooting information for apparent monitor
problems. Check both manuals, as the focus and content
is not identical.

a. An optional radar speed sensor is available, as are Y-cables to accept input from an existing radar on the tractor. The magnetic pickup

may be preferred, as both speed and seed flow fall to zero at lift. With radar, the monitor cannot tell that seeding should have stopped.
You may experience more nuisance alarms with radar.

Figure 19

Monitor: Typical Operate Screen


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